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Developed to meet the requirements of maintenance operators, OmniSupport provides the right information (existing MRO data) at the right time (step-by-step instructions) in the right place (pathfinding guidance), and possibly supported by the right MRO expert (remote assistance), thanks to powerful Holographic Services.

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Produce faster and better by minimizing indecisions and uncertainties: By combining the most accurate and innovative real/virtual correlation technologies on the market with unbelievable ease of use, OmniStep turns the most complex assembly and inspection procedures into a set of intuitive tasks, allowing you to save time and improve overall quality of production.

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Share a same vision of a project for a better teamwork effort through the OmniShare’s unique experience: the different persons involved in a same project can easily share their work by visualizing their 3D models at the suitable scale regarding the project context and by referring to the associated 2D documents.

F6X Manufacturing

The use of OmniStep on the FALCON 6X assembly lines allows the Master Craftsmen in charge of positionning the insulating patches inside the fuselage to save precious time while minimizing the handling of the parts that must be put in place inside the aircraft.

Mission Preparation

As an OmniShare specialization, HOLOPERA is a powerful tool for mission preparation and decision making that offers to a collaborative way to visualize in 3 dimensions a tactical situation mapped on the digital terrain model of the theater of operations.


R&D project for the development of an ultra sensitive, portable gamma camera, using the principle of Compton imaging. It is based on innovative detection technologies currently developed for space instrumentation in gamma-ray astronomy.


The Mixed Reality extends the capabilities of the DEDAL system dedicated to the Light Armoured Vehicles maintenance operations follow-up, thanks to OmniSupport that brings the corresponding holographic procedures to the MRO operator direcly into the working bays.

Augmented Helmet

Designed for infiltration missions and Blue Force Tracking under sail or on the ground, the FINDADFI® system consists of “plug & play” functional modules connected to a retractable display, delivering information in the combatant’s visual field. It provides navigation and geolocation information via augmented reality.

MRO Rafale

When OmniSupport is used to maximize the availability of military aircraft by cutting MRO delays, thanks to the dematerialization of the maintenance procedures and thanks to the remote assistance that brings the expert’s know-how to the aircraft side.