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Genius is both a stand-alone micro-welding system that can be intuitively controlled via a custom-designed touchscreen interface, as well as an interconnectable peripheral capable of integrating into the most complex production environments.

Immersive Review

Integration and usage of ultra-high definition interactive 3D visualization tools like the Iris CAVE dramatically shorten the vehicle design process by enabling the possibility to virtually see and try a car that has not been produced yet.

Connected Station

A complete home automation system offering a modern user experience with Amazon Alexa voice control, the Sowee Connected Station is a product based on an open and isolated architecture to combine scalability and security.

Smart Manufacturing

MIRA, a tailor-made Augmented Reality solution that is wildly deployed across the AIRBUS European production facilities, dramatically reduces the time spent for assembling and controlling aircraft parts on every work stations where it is in use.


For more than 15 years, the Synaps console has been implementing the patented concept of Programming By Learning for the control of digital multi-axis robots at the foot of the machine, thus allowing a real gain in productivity resulting from the simplicity of use combined with the speed of execution.

On board maintenance

The Mixed Reality helps warship’s crew members to perform their complex and critical maintenance tasks, as this cutting-edge technology is now available for surface ships and submarines designed and produced by NAVAL GROUP.

UV-C Disinfection

IEC62309 Class B certified ultrasound probe disinfection system by delivering UV-C High Level Disinfection (HLD), based on embedded Linux on arm iMX.6 processor built with Yocto.

AR Assembly assistance

This tailor-made Augmented Reality system dedicated to the LEAP’s engine build-up workstations reduces by 30% the required time for the corresponding tasks, knowing that the engine is moving in translation and rotation on its assembly line (pulse line).

Biological System

Innovative biological analysis system based on the management of closed-circuit incubation drops including dedicated on-board OS based on embedded Linux Ubuntu on Intel processor.

MRO Preparation

To optimize work on-site during nuclear plant shutdowns, VVProPrepa allows a very efficient upstream preparation by virtually exploring reactor buildings down to the smallest detail thanks to video gaming technologies (UNITY game engine).