our know-how

Recognized expertise across the entire 3D/XR value chain

3D Data

Definition and implementation of the tool-based processes that will feed your VR/AR/MR apps with 3D data (modeling, conversion, optimization)

Interfaces & User Experience (UX)

Leading-edge GUI design with intuitive and natural ergonomics that makes the most of your XR devices (platform oriented UX design)

Real-Time Rendering

Rendering techniques adaptation and rendering passes optimization to meet hardware resources (cluster platforms to mobile devices)

& Deployment

Perfect knowledge of the existing XR COTS platforms and of their performances and limits once deployed on the field (display, 6DoF tracking, controllers)


Tailor-Made Solution

  • Feasibility Study ans Risk Reduction
  • POC, Demonstrator et Prototype
  • Industrialization and Deployement

R&D Assistance

  • Expertise and Studies
  • Project Owner Assistance and Mgmt
  • Development and Intégration

Our Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Services and Solutions are made to meet all your 3D/XR needs
(including our off-the-shelf MR Products from our own R&D: OmniShareOmniStepOmniSupport)

our partners

Recognition of our expertise in 3D/XR platforms
like HoloLens or Unity Core


Made with passion

F6X Manufacturing


The use of OmniStep on the FALCON 6X assembly lines allows the Master Craftsmen in charge of positionning the insulating patches inside the fuselage to save precious time while minimizing the handling of the parts that must be put in place inside the aircraft.

Mission Preparation


As an OmniShare specialization, HOLOPERA is a powerful tool for mission preparation and decision making that offers to a collaborative way to visualize in 3 dimensions a tactical situation mapped on the digital terrain model of the theater of operations.



The Mixed Reality extends the capabilities of the DEDAL system dedicated to the Light Armoured Vehicles maintenance operations follow-up, thanks to OmniSupport that brings the corresponding holographic procedures to the MRO operator direcly into the working bays.

HoloDedal project goals

MRO Rafale


When OmniSupport is used to maximize the availability of military aircraft by cutting MRO delays, thanks to the dematerialization of the maintenance procedures and thanks to the remote assistance that brings the expert’s know-how to the aircraft side.

Immersive Review


Integration and usage of ultra-high definition interactive 3D visualization tools like the Iris CAVE dramatically shorten the vehicle design process by enabling the possibility to virtually see and try a car that has not been produced yet.

The showcase of the Iris CAVE

Smart Manufacturing


MIRA, a tailor-made Augmented Reality solution that is wildly deployed across the AIRBUS European production facilities, dramatically reduces the time spent for assembling and controlling aircraft parts on every work stations where it is in use.

On board maintenance


The Mixed Reality helps warship’s crew members to perform their complex and critical maintenance tasks, as this cutting-edge technology is now available for surface ships and submarines designed and produced by NAVAL GROUP.

Maintenance of a see water circuit thanks to OmniSupport

AR Assembly assistance


This tailor-made Augmented Reality system dedicated to the LEAP’s engine build-up workstations reduces by 30% the required time for the corresponding tasks, knowing that the engine is moving in translation and rotation on its assembly line (pulse line).

MRO Preparation


To optimize work on-site during nuclear plant shutdowns, VVProPrepa allows a very efficient upstream preparation by virtually exploring reactor buildings down to the smallest detail thanks to video gaming technologies (UNITY game engine).

The showcase of the VVProPrepa Virtual Reality solution
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